Susan is a versatile designer with a focus on illustration and graphic design. It is her ambition to work on projects surrounding social causes. She gladly utilizes her expertise to inform or to inspire action.

Her background in graphic design is where her visual style got most of its current shape – organized, clean and bold. One of her main sources of inspiration is language, whether it’s used to find new perspectives or by playing with figure of speech. She also likes to be challenged to compellingly visualize the abstract; such as feelings and melody.


Due to her bicultural upbringing, she has developed an open communication style which translates to her work ethic. She’s a design contributor to Asian Raisins, Dutch Asian racism awareness community.

Selected exhibitions

  • Upcoming: Busan Illustration Fair
  • Seoul Illustration Fair, exhibitor
  • Bangkok Illustration Fair, exhibitor

Clients include Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Asian Raisins, Groothandelsgebouw Rotterdam, KLM, Municipality of Rotterdam, Rabobank, Ymere and Rijnland District Water Control Board among others