Susan is a versatile designer with a focus on illustration and graphic design. It is her ambition to work on projects surrounding social causes. She gladly utilizes her expertise to inform or to inspire action for a more beautiful world.

She thinks beyond the cliched and thus comes up with surprising composites of figurative objects with figurative language. She loves to make illustrations by means of wordplay and to compellingly visualize the abstract; like feelings and melody.

Graphic design
Her graphic designs are founded upon strong concepts necessary for developing the visual language that best suits the client’s needs. In the design process she likes to explore the conceptual boundaries of the project in order to surprise the client. Susan has ample experience with working on both print and digital solutions. (See ‘services’.) She gladly takes on the challenge to present the client with an innovative visual language.

Susan has had the pleasure of working with clients from a variety of sectors; like government (e.g. City of Amsterdam, Rijnland District Water Control Board), education (e.g. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Kennisnet) and commerce (e.g. KLM, Rabobank).

– Editorial visual(s)
– Visual style for animation
– Icons & GIF’s

Graphic Design
– Visual guidelines
– Visual identity
– Print

Information Design
– Explainer animation
– Infographic